Plan an unforgettable summer vacation!

Plan an unforgettable summer vacation!

After a long time without the possibility of traveling, many people go out into the world to discover new places and recharge their batteries. There are really many beautiful and magical places in Europe, so sometimes it can be a bit difficult to choose a suitable destination. A suitable location will depend mainly on what you expect from your holiday.

letecká doprava

If you prefer a more active rest, go rafting on the karst rivers of Croatia, which are surrounded by amazing nature. Many rivers are also located near the coast, so on some days, you can plan a visit to one of the seaside towns in Croatia, which boasts beautiful architecture and charming streets.

Sunny Spain

Especially the southern coast of Spain is very popular with tourists. And no wonder! This country offers a lot, from the breathtaking sea and beaches to great cuisine. The city of Malaga, for example, is often visited, with a rich history and many wonderful places. This city is also a great starting point for further travel around Spain. Nearby is, for example, the city of Marbella, which is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Of course, you can stay in a classic hotel. However, more and more people are investing in buying real estate on the Spanish coast. There are now many luxury homes for sale Marbella and at very competitive prices! Real estate in this very popular destination will never lose in value. In addition, it is possible to rent such a villa or house to tourists. This way, your investment will continue to earn and you will get another stable income. In addition, you will be able to travel in the sun and heat at any time and thus gain a great mood and optimism for the next few days.

lodě v moři

Côte d\’Azur of the French Riviera

If you are a fan of both hiking and sunbathing on the beach, then the city of Nice and its surrounding area is for you. The surroundings of this city are surrounded by a beautiful azure sea, which directly encourages swimming on hot summer days. Nice is also located near Italy, where you can get comfortably by train or bus.